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The Killer Classic gaming pc is perfectly handcrafted for gamers who are looking to destroy the competition. This gaming computer has a sleek looking design that comes jam packed with a powerful processor and DDR3 RAM in order to build the ultimate gaming computer, while also still keeping within a fairly tight budget. So if you're currently shopping the market with the goal of buying a quality gaming computer at a good price, then this PC might be perfect for you!

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desktop for gamers Killer Rampage PC

If you're interested in buying a gaming computer that will give you a serious edge in whatever game you're playing, then the Killer Rampage is the top choice for you. This gaming desktop was built with one thing in mind, and that is winning! This killer pc brings performance, design and engineering together in one, all in order to build the perfect pc for gamers. When you purchase the Rampage, you are getting a computer that is so deadly that it should probably require a license to own one.

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best gaming computer Psycho Killer Extreme

The Psycho Killer Extreme is hands down the fastest gaming computer on the planet. This is the most extreme PC that your money can buy, a pc that will not only defeat your competition, but one that actually destroys them on the spot! The Psycho Killer extreme comes standard with two Intel Xeon 6 core processors and 48GB of ram! When it comes to desktops for gamers, this bad boy is so powerful that it might seriously burn your face off.

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Powerful Gaming PC Systems
gaming pc Killer Computers builds the most advanced and powerful computers for gaming in the world. The difference between our gaming computers and those offered by the other guys is literally the difference between victory and defeat. If you want the extra gaming edge then you will get it from Killer Computers. Our professional computer experts are also gamers, they deliver the experience and know how to build you a custom a powerful high performance rig that is rock-solid stable and benchmark tested.

High Performance Custom Built Gaming Computers
custom built gaming computer Our gaming pc lines are based on the best quality and performance for players looking to gain edge over their competition.. From there you can choose to customize and upgrade the computer to meet your needs and our helpful customizer will give you guidance and suggestions to help you make the best possible choices. After you have selected the computer and options you want, we hand build in our static free clean room, your computer and test each component and run several of the latest games on it and verify benchmark scores to meet the performance required for the hardware chosen.

Money Back Guarantee
Money Back GuaranteedIf for whatever reason you wish to return one of computers you can within 30 days of the order. We guarantee to refund your money according to our refund policy. You can receive up to 100% back off the purchase amount if you return everything in the same condition it arrived in the original boxes. Shipping and handling is non-refundable and restocking fees will apply.

Free Shipping On All Computers
Free Shipping We offer free shipping on every Killer Computer system that we sale! Unlike other companies, we aren't going to add some ridiculous shipping cost at the end of your checkout. What you see at Gaming PC is what you get. There are absolutely no tricks or gimicks with our service. We will simply build you the best gaming computer on the planet and ship it to you at absolutely no cost. We dare you to compare our custom gaming computers to our competitors prices.

Overclocking & Performance Tested
Overclocking and performancePut your computer in overdrive by overclocking. When requested we will overclock your computer and push it to the limit of the hardware performance and stability limits. All overclocking and tweaks are documented and sent with your computer to let you see just what has been done and to let you know what to expect if you intend to go beyond. Overclocking options and performance will depend on the computer platform, CPU, RAM, cooling solution and other options. Full testing is done on all hardware components regardless of overclocked.

Life Time Support & Warranty
lifetime warranty Every computer comes with our Life Time support guarantee, that means that we will help you with any technical issues regarding your gaming system for as along as you own it. Our Warranty covers the replacement of parts and labor to repair your computer in case a component fails for any reason other than those outlined in the Warranty section.

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Customer Testimonials

Jason - Dallas, TX "This is the greatest gaming pc that I've ever owned. I would reccomend Gaming PC to anyone."

Greg - Seattle, WA "WOW my new computer rocks!"

Hank - Long Beach, NJ "I was going to build my own but I don't know that much about overclocking and they did it all for me."

Dennis - San Clara, CA "Crysis 2 at max settings with zero frame loss!"

Nick - Denver, CO "Great support, these guys know exactly what they are talking about! GET ONE!"

Randy - Norman, OK "I never thought buying a gaming computer could ever be this easy."

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