Psycho Killer

The Ultimate Computer Gaming System

If you're a hardcore gamer who's looking for a gaming computer that will disintegrate the competition, then the Psycho Killer is the top choice. Now this isn't your average gaming pc by any means, it's actually the fastest gaming computer in the entire universe. This computer is running dual 6 core XEON processors, which are sure to bring the pain to all of your enemies. Here at Gaming PC we ask those brave souls who dare to take on the Psycho Killer to only proceed with extreme caution, because this computer can melt your face off.

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best gaming computerThe Fastest And Most Updated Processor In World

This gaming desktop is definitely in a league of its own with record breaking benchmark times and blazing fast processing speed. This Killer Computer comes equipped standard with dual XEON 6 core processors (12 cores!) that includes TurboBoost 2.0 technology in an effort to create the best gaming computer on Earth. The Physcho Killer is simply the ultimate extreme gaming super computer.

The Best Graphics And Stunning Visuals

When we started building this super computer we had onlyone thing in mind, and that was creating the best gaming system on the market. All of the hardware inside this bad boy is the best of the best, so that means when you buy this pc, you're getting the most advanced and ground breaking technology from companies like NVIDIA and ATI. By doing this we were able to create a desktop that gives gamers the smoothest gaming playing experience possible.



fastest gaming pc Best Performing Gaming PC On The Planet

You would expect that the best gaming desktop ever would come standard with 48GB of DDR3 RAM, and that's exactly what this machine does. The hardware inside this machine make it the Ferrari of gaming pc's. You would have to be in the CIA in order to get a computer faster than this. We dare you to compare the specifications of the Psycho Killer to any other computer manufactures best product.

Cutting Edge Computer Gaming Case

We used the HAF X, a highly flexible gaming case designed specifically to promote air flow throughout the chassis. This case was made to house only the best CPU's in the world, which is exactly what the Psycho Killer is. It's design specializes in cooling the highest performing graphics cards with amazing air flow along and four huge fans. If you have ever dreamed about building the ultimate gaming computer, then the HAF X is the case you would want to use.

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